Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging Foretrex  Model #411260-1.
Example of MEGA 360 Imaging installed on a MinnKota Fortrex.

Humminbird MEGA 360 Imaging Foretrex [411260-1]

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Up to $400 Prepaid Masterard w/Qualifying Humminbird Purchases UNTIL 06/30/2024 VIEW

MEGA 360 Imaging Foretrex™

Discover Incredible Detail
MEGA 360 Imaging™ scans up to 125 feet in all directions around your boat, delivering the clearest images of structures, the bottom, and fish—even while you're stationary. This means more accurate casts and unforgettable fishing moments.
Stay on Your Spot
The MEGA 360 Imaging transducer mounts to your Minn Kota® Foretrex™, allowing uninterrupted use, even in Spot-Lock™, so you can stay on your favorite fishing spot.
 Full Circle Clarity
 MEGA 360 Imaging enhances our 360 Imaging technology into the megahertz range for unparalleled detail. The rotating beam provides a constantly updating 360-degree view, keeping your boat at the center and allowing you to spot fish before they see you. See More with Humminbird® Whether you're new or familiar with the area, Humminbird® helps you spot fish others might miss.
MEGA 360 Imaging is compatible with SOLIX® G2 or G3 and HELIX® Series fish finders G3N or newer with MEGA Imaging Plus. Enjoy unmatched detail, built-in mapping, high screen resolution, intuitive controls, and more.
Personalize Your View
 Change your fishing perspective with MEGA 360 Imaging. Viewing options are customizable so you can adjust how your returns appear, matching your personal fishing style and current conditions.
Pinpoint Fish Locations
Spot a fish? Mark a waypoint on the screen and use range rings to accurately estimate the distance from you to the target. this enables you to line up and cast precisely to where the fish are showing.
Tailor Your Sweep Area
MEGA 360 Imaging offers unbeatable coverage and detail. Sweep area can be adjusted from 10 degrees up to 360 degrees. View options can be preset, like 45° forward, can be used to find and cast to lucrative areas without disturbing fish.