MinnKota Ultrex Changes

by Johnny Stansell on Jan 16, 2024

MinnKota Ultrex Changes
MinnKota Ultrex Changes
So, Minnkota, has brought out new products all the way around for the new season. The Ultrex will still be made but is not the same model as it was last year. It will be available as a 45', 52', or 60' shaft length with either a US2 Sonar or a Mega DI transducer (no Mega SI available). Available as a 24v or a 36v motor in a 45 or 52 " shaft; only a 36v in the 60' shaft. It will also have the re-engineered mount and lift assist assembly as the "Quest" version.
The new brushless Ultrex Quest is also available in 45, 52 or 60" shaft with either a US2 Sonar or Mega Down/Side Imaging transducer. It is a 24v/36v model with a programmable foot pedal, re-engineered motor and mount, more advanced GPS functionality than ever and even an eco mode to extend battery life, the only thing this motor won't do – is quit.
They are also no offering a replacement lift assist cylinder which is described to fit the Ultrex trolling motors, but BEWARE, They only fit the Ultrex models 2024 and up, they will not work on the existing Ultrex we now have in our possession.
Can they be adapted? Maybe we can get Hunter Cordell at Elite Glow to check that out for us?
The new model Ultrex will start at $3000 MRP
The new Ultrex Quest will start at $3700 MRP
The new Lift Assist Cylinder is at $100 MRP