Wacky Tool Red

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VRX Wacky Tool Red

The VRX Wacky Rigging Tool offers anglers a convenient and easy way to rig up their wacky-style baits. Use the VRX Wacky Rigging Tool in conjunction with the VRX Wacky O-Rings to prevent hooks from tearing out of your soft plastics.

The VRX Wacky Rigging Tool comes equipped with a coiled leash and carabineer style clip to keep it on your person and ready for action, so there is no more wasted time spent digging through storage boxes and compartments to find your necessary rigging equipment.

When you want to apply an O-ring, first slide the O-ring up on the large diameter part of the Wacky Rigging Tool, insert the plastic worm to the desired ring position, and then slip the O-ring onto the plastic worm. After the O-ring is in place take your favorite wacky style hook and insert it between the O-ring and the soft plastic bait. Ideal for use with 5”, 6”, and 7” stick style worms, the VRX Wacky Rigging Tool is the most effective way to rig wacky-style worms.


  • Wacky Rigging Tool
  • Coiled Leash
  • Carabineer
  • (9) Black O-rings
  • (1) Red O-ring


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