SSC-4 Humminbird Shield

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SSC-4 fits Humminbird XP 9 20 (T), XTM 9 20 T or XTM 14 20 T xDucers on a Trolling Motor

Built in High Quality Aluminum Alloy and Black Powder Coated. The Sleek Hydrodynamic design will reduce collection of debris and keep the transducer positioned correctly on the trolling motor.  The Transducer Shield will not interfere with the transducer signal.  

SSC-4 is designed to fit Humminbird® puck transducer XP 9 20 T, XTM 9 20 T or XTM 14 20 T for Trolling Motor installation ONLY. It is not necessary to replace your transducer if the transducer “tabs” are broken off.  Easy do-it yourself step by step installation included.  One strap/hose clamp is required to attach the Transducer Shield® to the trolling motor.  Consider our heavy duty stainless steel black powder coated strap item HDTS-B @ $5.95 each.

SSC-4 is not designed for transom installation. This shield does not fit any of Humminbird’s side image transducers.

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