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ICON Frog Rod

Cashion Frog Rod blanks are constructed from all unidirectional carbon fiber, which makes them incredible light yet POWERFUL. The uni-directional manufacturing process of Cashion blanks makes them incredibly strong against tensional forces because all the carbon fibers that make the blank run the length of the rod. Cashion Frog Rods are designed with an American Tackle blank-exposed reel seat which means your hand is in direct contact with the blank so you feel everything. We have cut down the threads to increase comfort and blank contact. Cashion Frog Fishing Rods are designed with Microguides, which provide incredibly accurate casting control, and unheard of distance, not to mention extraordinary hook setting power. American Tackle Microguides provide more contact points and provide faster energy transfer when setting the hook for lighting quick reactions, especially with braid.  Cashion Frog Fishing Rods are built with Cashion’s exclusive Kevlar split grip handles, which feel great in your hand. Cashion Kevlar grips are more durable than cork or foam, plus they are denser, which allows vibrations experienced at the rod tip to travel directly to your finger tips. The combination of the uni-directional carbon fiber blank, blank exposed reel seat, Microguides, and Kevlar split grip handle, makes this the most technologically advanced Frog Fishing Rod available that is Made in the United States.


 Model Length
Action Power Line Wt.
Lure Wt.
Guides Handle Length*
iFR74HF 7’4″ Fast Hvy 12-65 1/4 – 1 1/2 11+tip 10″
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