Gliss Fishing Line

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Gliss Fishing Line

150yd Spool

Gliss Supersmooth Monotex Line is a revolutionary new line in a class of its own. It delivers the many of the same properties as mono in that it features a single strand construction, is super pliable, casts very well, and it floats, yet it still has many of the advantages of braid as well, including zero stretch, extremely thin diameters, and incredible strength. It is constructed through a breakthrough process that involves the extrusion of High Modulus Poly Ethelyne fibers developed during a 5-year process. 

-Round profile
-Tremendous strength to diameter
-High abrasion resistance
-Extreme flexibility 
-Exceptionally slick surface profile
-Low water absorption
-Treated to ensure almost unlimited UV resistance
-Made in Japan

Line Diameter 8lb 12lb 18lb 24lb 40lb
Inches .004 .005 .006 .007 .010
Millimeters .102 .127 .152 .178 .254
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