Core A-Rig Rod

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Cashion Core A-Rig Rod

The Umbrella rig, a-rig, Alabama rig, whatever you call it, there’s one thing for certain, you’re going to need the right rod for throwing these schooling baitfish-mimicking rigs. The new Cashion CORE Umbrella Rig Rod features a 7’10” mod-fast, heavy blank that is perfect for slinging these big baits!  The CORE Umbrella Rig Rod is rated for 17-65 lb. line weight and ½-2 oz lure weight.  The blank design will afford you the ability to load up to make big bombing casts, while the softer tip will help with absorption when setting the hook on your next personal best.

Model Length Action Power Line Wt. Lure Wt. Guides Handle Length* Technique
cS956710u 7’11”  Mod-  Fast   Hvy 17-65 1/2-2 8+Tip 12″ 3-Arm, 5-Arm, or larger A-Rigs, Big Single Swimbaits
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