John Crews Spinbait Rod

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John Crews Spinbait Rod

When the relatively new technique of spinbait fishing took off and people began to catch more and more fish using this technique, we knew that it was time to create the perfect rod for throwing a spinbait. This rod was developed closely with John Crews, and we created it to his exact specifications to develop the best-suited rod for spinbait fishing.

Every bite counts when you are using a spinbait, so we started with our unidirectional rolled carbon fiber blank to ensure the strength and sensitivity is beyond any other rod on the market. We designed this rod to have the perfect tip for casting the small, inconspicuous spinbait and we paired it with the right power to ensure the fish stays pinned all the way to the boat.

Couple these features with our Carbon Fiber grips and we give you the ultimate ability to feel the slightest bite on a Spro Spin John type bait. It’s no secret that when the bite is tough, you pull out the spinbait, and we are confident that we have created the perfect rod for this technique, not only backed by science but backed by the professionals.



Length: 7'6"
Action: Fast
Power: Medium
Line Wt: 5-10
Lure Wt: 1/16- 3/8 oz
Handle Length: 9 1/2″
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